What can Goose Cap do for you?

Website Dev

From the smallest startup to a full online eCommerce solution, we’ve got you covered. We design around the WordPress CMS, giving you full flexibility and control to change content without having to know how to code. And our goal is to make your website truly yours – we design from the ground up around your business.

Art Prints

From your child’s art project to a professional artist’s masterpiece, we can print massive, high-DPI recreations of your work. From photography to art, we’ll create a stunning print that you’ll be proud to show off. If you’re part of a non-profit or participating in a non-profit fundraiser, we also offer discounts on our prints!

Social Media

Managing your business’ social media pages can be a difficult, time consuming effort – but we can help! We offer social media management for all major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. From running advertisements to managing consumer’s responses, we can establish your business as an online force to be reckoned with.


We Do Professional Networking.

Our network of creatives across various disciplines allows us to scale as a full service marketing firm. We have professionals that specialize in social media, video production, graphic design, photography, web design, hardware, and much more. If you have an idea or a project, we can run with it. And make it awesome.

We do education.

We share here at Goosecap. Stop by our office to utilize our equipment and see what we’re working on. We love helping with student and community projects. We have the full Adobe Creative Suite, high powered PCs, and a 3D printer. We will be launching classes soon, as well. What’s not to love?


We Go Where You Are

We are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Eagle River, Wisconsin. We love to travel and can connect with your from anywhere. To go along with good old fashioned face to face meetings, we can meet with you via Skype, Hangouts, or Discord.

Website Pricing

Our goal is to make your website yours. For that reason, we never want to generalize on what we provide for your site. But we also know that information is power, so here’s a basic ‘ballpark’ estimate if you’re thinking of rolling with Goose Cap. However, please reach out to us if you looking for a website. We’d love to meet with you and give you a customized estimate.

One Pager


Starting Around
  • Responsive One Page Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Built on WordPress CMS

A perfect fit for a small town business or a startup, or for businesses that focus on a particular service. If you can quickly and concisely describe your business, this plan is for you!



Starting Around
  • All Features in standard, plus…
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • OR bbPress Forum Integration
  • OR BuddyPress Platform Integration

Want to take your business to the next level with an an eCommerce solution? Want to create a social hub for your favorite hobby? We can help! Includes tech support with site maintenance for 6 months.


Looking for WordPress site maintenance? Having trouble keeping your site updated with fresh content? Let us know! Maintenance packages start at $50/mo for basic sites, and content packages start at $200/mo. Just not sure on how to keep your WordPress site up to date? Just drop us a message and we can walk you through the process, free of charge.

Need a website or some Social Media help?

Estimate how much it's going to cost, based on what you need!



Awesome, thanks for your interest in Goose Cap Media! We'll get back to you soon!

What are you looking for?

Looking for an awesome website, or some help with your social media sites?

A beautiful, responsive website built on the Wordpress CMS.

Professional management of your social media experience.

Please select an option to continue!


What do you need on your website?

If you're not 100% sure what you need, just click next or mark out the features you think you'd like and we'll reach out to you to answer any questions or concerns. If you're just looking for an informational site, click next!

An easy to update, beautifully formatted blog with social media sharing integration.

Want an online store to sell physical or digital products? Roll with an easy-to-use WooCommerce website! Includes Paypal Integration.

Have an integrated social platform via BuddyPress! Build a community around your favorite hobby, media, idea.... and so on!

Have a forum dedicated to your hobbies, interests, etc! Integration done via bbPress.

Please select an option to continue!


Do you have content available?

Content is any images, writeups, or descriptions of your company/organization and the services you provide!

We have content available to be quickly transferred to the site!

Unfortunately, we don't have content or images available to put on the site.

Please select an option to continue!


Any additional features?

Want any more features built into your website? Let us know! If you don't see what you'd like here, drop us a comment in the final step so we can make sure we can make your dream a reality.

In-depth search engine optimization that helps push your website to the top of search engine results.

Retina support to keep your website beautiful on high pixel density devices.

Need the site up as soon as physically possible? We can prioritize your website!

Advanced User Permissions - do you want multiple editors to have access to only certain specified pages?

Please select an option to continue!


Do you need help writing content?

We'll still ask for any pertinent descriptions of your business so we can make sure we write things out accurately, but we'll take care of the rest!

Sure, we'll need a helping hand with the content!

No, I'll provide the content when we get to that point.

Please select an option to continue!


Social Media Management

What social media platforms are you active on/want to be active on?

Facebook - the powerful social media platform we've come to know and love. Cost charged monthly.

Twitter - the concise communications platform that gets your message across quickly. Charged Monthly.

Instagram - the platform where an image is worth a thousand words. Charged monthly.

Looking for full social media management? We'll cover them all with a small discount!

Please select an option to continue!


Almost there...

One final question!

Are you a non-profit organization or an individual looking for a website for humanitarian fundraising purposes? We want you to succeed - we offer a 15% discount on all services if so. Please note that you must provide proof of this before the discount will be considered!

Please select an option to continue!


Site Size

How big do you see your site being?

A one-pager site with a laser-focus on your product or idea.

A multiple page site that spreads out your information into concise categories.

A massive online database of pertinent information for your organization.

Please select an option to continue!


Final Estimation

Here's what we're estimating! Please note that social media costs are charged monthly.

We'll shoot you a quick review of what you submitted here, as well as drop you a message once we've reviewed your submission so we can get started right away. Thanks!


Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :

Sounds good! Let's get started, eh?

What we’ve designed.

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All Projects
Website Development
Graphic Design
  • Three Lakes Fire Department
    We were approached by the Three Lakes Fire Department to develop a meaningful, yet (in one of their firefighter's words) badass design for the local firefighters.
  • Code Electric
    Code Electric approached us, looking for a super quick, simple, and cost effective solution to replace an outdated yellow-pages-esque site. We provided a nifty little one-pager solution.
  • Pine Grove Estate Sales
    Pine Grove Estate Sales approached us looking for an easy to update website solution. Built on Wordpress + X, it offers an easy-to-edit solution so they can update at their convenience!
  • Quickfencer USA
    QFUSA approached us with the goal of moving content from a Wix site to a new, easy to update site that mimicked TornadoWireUK's cosmetics. Fun project!
  • Vilas County Economic Development Corporation
    The VCEDC (great friends of ours!) approached us, asking if we could revamp a Weebly page to freshen it up. From pre-2005 looks to this.
  • Eagle Waters Resort
    One of our first major projects. Developed a Wordpress-based site that linked up to a Lodgical solutions system, allowing for online reservations.
  • Thin Red Line
    A project commissioned by the Conover, WI Fire Dept. A fun little project that incorporated the popular Thin Red Line design with a fireman's axe.
  • Champions of the Chain
    A design commissioned for a local fishing tournament.
  • Derby Track Poster
    A poster created for the 55th World Championship snowmobile derby in Eagle River, WI!
  • Lakeshore Docks and Lifts Website
  • Natalie Decker's Website
  • Premier Powersports and Marine Website
  • After The War Website
  • Highland House Website

Meet the Goose Cap Crew

Isaac Doud

web developer // graphic designer

Professional web developer with years of working hand in hand with small town businesses. Loves experimenting with new ideas, and has a knack for thinking outside the box with the designs for your website. Also has an unhealthy addiction to Overwatch.

isaac@goosecap.com // 920-764-0322
Contact Isaac for anything web dev related in Northern Wisconsin. Whether it’s for a quote or for tech support on an existing WordPress site, he’s got you covered.
Wordpress CMS

Scott Subach

creative strategist // social media

Certified business education teacher with the skills to take your business to the next level with forward thinking and ingenious planning. Great at developing a plan of attack for your business, as well as educating you along the way on how to ‘think’ business.

scott.subach@gmail.com // 708-250-8612
Contact Scott for anything business related, or anything web related in southern Wisconsin. If you’re unsure what your business needs, Scott’s the man with the plan.
Business Planning
Social Media Development
Customer Assistance

Can we help you out?

If you have any questions or thoughts about a project, please let us know! We’d love to meet with you to discuss, or chat over email.